December 25, 2010

Best Bodybuilding Supplements By Budget

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody! I hope that you all have a great day with your family and friends and remember to satisfy your sweet tooth in moderation or you'll end up looking like Santa Claus. :D

best bodybuilding supplements

In case you're tight for budget after spending on presents for the love ones, here's a guide of what supplements you can afford to buy, according to available budget.

I'm-Kinda-Broke Stack (<$70 per month)
If you're a student and your monthly allowance isn't very big or if you're new to the iron game and this is your first experience with supplements, this stack is for you.

Whey Blend
Whey blends (which consist of whey concentrates and isolates) are very economical protein supplements and they are digested and absorbed by the body pretty fast (although not optimal), which make them affordable post-workout protein. Take the amount required to provide you with 40g of protein right after your workouts.

Recommended Whey Blend - 4Everfit Fruit Blast The Whey
whey protein
The whey isolate in 4Everfit's whey is only cold-processed filtered whey isolate, as opposed to ion-exchange whey isolate. The difference between the two is that cold-processed filtered whey isolates contains protein fractions, which are beneficial to one's health. The ion-exchange process gets rid of these fractions because it involves mixing the whey with acid. Plus, it tastes great (believe me, go for the mango flavour)! Click here for more info on 4Everfit Fruit Blast The Whey.

Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine monohydrate is the most value-for-money supplement. And if you can't afford it, you're REALLY broke. Creatine accelerates the short-term energy production cycle of the body, resulting in more strength and speed, which allows you to train harder and gain more muscle. Plus, because it attracts water in your muscles, it gives your muscle a fuller appearance.

Recommended Creatine Monohydrate - Nutrifirst Creatine Monohydrate
creatine monohydrate
Pure creatine monohydrate is very undifferentiated. Therefore, brand doesn't matter in most cases. The only thing you want to make sure about the creatine mono you're taking is that it is micronized so that it is absorbed easily by your intestines. My first *cough*GNC Pro Performance*cough* bottle of creatine mono wasn't finely micronized, so my digestive system had problems with it. So in light of this, you should go for the CHEAPEST micronized creatine mono on the market. Nutrifirst has done us a favour by importing micronized creatine mono and bottling it under their brand, thus making it the CHEAPEST MICRONIZED creatine mono in Singapore (other readers, I hope you have your other sources). Click here for more info on Nutrifirst Creatine Monohydrate.

One of the most critical supplements is a multivitamin/multimineral supplement, as it contains the essential micronutrients for muscle growth. There are dozens of vitamins and minerals which you have to consume a certain amount to ensure that your body doesn't sense a deficiency of any of them. So, care to construct your diet to make sure you consume enough of EVERY SINGLE vitamin and mineral? OR you can just take one tablet a day and not worry about it anymore!

Recommended Multivitamin/multimineral - Nutrifirst Multi Plus
Again Nutrifirst is successful at bringing down the price of generic supplements. Nutrifirst Multi Plus is complete and will definitely fit in your budget. Click here for more info on Nutrifirst Multi Plus.

Maybe-I'm-Not-So-Broke Stack ($70-$150 per month)
So, if your allowance still has space for more muscle-building supplements, you're a working adult with a steady job or if you want to try something more than just the basic whey, creatine and multis stack, this is for you! This stack includes everything in the previous stack plus...

Nitric Oxide Supplement
Nitric oxide (NO) is the gas that vasolidates (expands) your blood vessels, allowing better nutrient delivery and lactic acid buffering during your workouts. Trainers increase this gas in their body not by actually consuming the gas but its precursor, arginine.

Recommended Nitric Oxide Supplement - Magnum A-Bomb
The ingredients list in A-Bomb is pretty straightforward - everything in it is dedicated to vasolidate your blood vessels or to stimulate blood flow. It's pretty affordable ($1.70 per dose) and each dose is pretty big, so if you're tight on your budget, you can take three capsules instead the recommended dose of four before your workout. Click here for more info on Magnum A-Bomb.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)
Branched chain amino acids are the three amino acids (leucine, valine, isoleucine) which are not broken down by the liver and during workouts, they act as an emergency energy source and prevent muscle breakdown. Leucine in particular is gaining popularity in the supplement industry for being able to kickstart certain muscle-building genes in the DNA and is the single most anabolic amino acid of all. Some may ask, "Hey, my protein powder states that it contains BCAA already, why do I need more?". You see, dedicated BCAA supplements are in amino acid form and being purely BCAA without any other amino acids, they are absorbed by the body a lot faster and require no digestion (unlike protein concentrate/isolate which does). And when your muscles are begging for BCAA during an intense workout, you better supply them with it FAST!

Recommended BCAA Supplement - Xtreme Formulations ICE
Gram per gram, ICE is one of the more affordable BCAA supplement out there, and it has Glutamine too! Generally, purchase BCAA in powder form instead of capsules for a bigger bang for your buck. Click here for info on ICE.

Business-Is-Doing-Pretty-Good Stack (>$150 per month)
If you're not really on a budget at all, or if you want to maximize the results that you get for every minute you spend in the gym, this stack is for you! This stack includes everything listed above plus...

Testosterone Booster
As most of you would already know, test is the hormone responsible for building muscle and making men horny. While some of you may reject the idea of taking steroids to increase your test levels, don't worry, there are natural test boosters on the market that will do the job (although not as effective as steroids). Generally, the older you are, the more you should include a test booster in your stack as testosterone levels fall with age.

Recommended Testosterone Booster - MHP T-Bomb II
testosterone booster
T-Bomb II's formula is pretty darn complete, with the aim of not only increasing test levels in the user's body, but to also increase levels of free, unbounded testosterone, decrease aromatization and side effects. Click here for more info on T-Bomb II.

Multi-Source Protein Isolate Blend
Instead of taking a whey blend, replace it with a protein isolate blend. Multi-source means different speed of absorption, which is a good thing. Research has shown that a post-workout drink with a mix of fast and slow digesting protein is actually more anabolic than just whey alone, although less merciful on the wallet.

Recommended Multi-Source Protein Isolate Blend - Magnum Quattro
magnum quattro
Quattro is a four-source protein isolate blend, making it the ultimate mix of slow and fast-digesting protein. Plus, being purely isolates free of any concentrates, Quattro will go in easier and cause less bloating. Click here for more info on Magnum Quattro.

Advanced Creatine Formula - Magnum Big C
Traditional creatine monohydrate has a weakness - absorption by the body. But nowadays, new types of creatine has sprung up that offers better absorption by the body, higher potency and without the need of sugars and loading. But they don't come cheap. To take full advantage of the benefits of creatine, try Big C. All creatine ingredients in Big C goes straight to your muscles with minimal absorption issues. Click here for more info on Magnum Big C.

So there you have it. A breakdown of what supplements to buy according to the thickness of your wallet or boiling point of your credit card. Click here to subscribe to Fabodylous and make sure you check out other guides on Fabodylous too!

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