February 14, 2011

Pumping Iron 25th Anniversary Behind the Scenes Coverage

What? You have not heard of Pumping Iron? Sure you did! If not, try to illegally download get your hands on the video! It's the famous documentary that introduced both bodybuilding and Arnold Schwarzenegger to the world! Best of all, it's filmed during the golden age of bodybuilding, the 70s. That's when professional bodybuilding is not just a competitive sport, but a lifestyle of training, eating, suntanning and having fun at the beach.

Twenty five years after the Pumping Iron documentary, Cinemax created a documentary about the documentary with commentary from the stars themselves. Ok, I've said documentary too many times. Anyway, I watched the entire 45 minutes of this behind-the-scene coverage and I loved it. Mind you, I've watched Pumping Iron itself several times before this and already gotten the feel of how the original documentary was like. It was an emotional documentary that lets the audience get into the minds of each character. Then, after I watched these three videos, I felt that there's more than meet the eye, such as Arnold's superiority and dominant aura during the his Olympia reign, and how Lou Ferrigno was over-controlled by his dad, who wanted to make Lou a man, but backfired and instead, suppressed Lou's own personality.

Ok, enough of the spoiler. Watch the videos yourself to find out how is it like to be a professional bodybuilder in the 70s. Enjoy!

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