August 3, 2011

The Most Unique and Interactive Forum on the Net!

If you are a frequent visitor of this blog, I guess it's safe to say that you're interested in gaining free knowledge about bodybuilding, dieting, training and stay updated with events.

Well, I love to learning about new stuff too (and for free), especially stuff that will help me live my life better and happier. And one of the ways I love doing so is via online forums. On forums, anyone can ask or answer anything. And if you have anything interesting to share, you could even start a thread about it! Topics are updated super frequently and many people could simultaneously participate in a thread too. Best of all, you could even get to know people who love the same things as you do on forums!

However, there are some problems with forums which are pretty obvious. Mainly, forums are very very wordy and it is easy to get lost in the massive amounts of threads and sections. In addition, currently I'm a member of six forums because I couldn't find one forum which covers the all the topics I want to talk about. Hmm... If only there was one which could satisfy all my forum-ing needs.

But now there's a forum which could give you all the benefits of a regular forum without the cons. :)

Introducing! - a forum with a difference.

And when I say that this forum is unique from any other forum you can find on the Internet, I mean it's worlds apart.

Here's a screenshot of how the sections list looks like:

Looks more like an iPhone homepage than a typical forum homepage, doesn't it? :)
This format is so much easier to the eyes (cause it's less wordy) and makes browsing so much more convenient!

Other than the visual uniqueness, Passiontab will have hundreds thousands of sections, covering everything from cars, music to even, who knows... animal fur dye-ing? Lol.

So if there's a passion you're really interested in and would want to meet other people like you, you'll find them on Passiontab!

Now, to those who already has experience in forums, don't you just hate it when you post in a thread and lose your conversation cause you don't know who is replying to you? Well, how about a simple solution to that problem - quote alerts. When someone quotes you, you'll get a notification and if you quote the person back, he'll be notified too! Problem solved! Awesome, right?!

Last but not least, if you're good at something, wouldn't you like to be paid to chat about it? Passiontab is looking for experts in as many fields as possible. If you have loads of knowledge and experience in a sport, subject or industry, sign up with Passiontab, click on the Passiontab Experts link and submit your resume! Once you've become a Passiontab Expert, sponsors will be out looking for you to endorse their brand. Make money from discussing what you love? Hmm.. Why not? :)

So, if you're already an avid forum user wanting to try out a all-new unique interface or a what-the-hell-is-a-forum kinda guy, give Passiontab a try and open up a whole new online experience for yourself. However, Passiontab isn't launched yet. For now, like the Passiontab Facebook page and you will be informed as soon as it's up and running!


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