September 14, 2011

Mr Olympia 2011

Edit: The Mr Olympia 2011 results are out! Click here to view em!

O yeah! It's that time of the year again! No, it's not Christmas, but it will feel like it for a bodybuilder who will be crowned the best in the world.

I'm of course, talking about Mr Olympia 2011. Here's the low-down on all the information you need to know about this year's Mr Olympia.

Mr Olympia 2011 Information

Pre-Judging: 16th Sep 2011, 7pm (GMT - 7hr)
Finals: 17th Sep 2011, 7pm (GMT - 7hr)

Venue: Orleans Arena, Las Vegas

Ticketing Info: Click here

Mr Olympia 2011 Predictions

Here's my predictions of who will be in the top six of the Mr Olympia 2011. What do you think? Agreeable? This is of course, predictions so don't put ya bets on it.

#6 Dexter Jackson

This is a pretty low prediction for the 2008 Mr Olympia but I see it possibly happening based on the condition he came in for the contests he joined earlier this year. Plus, age is really catching up with him. He's 42 years old now guys. No shame, of course. He's been Mr Olympia and has already written his name in the history books. He can sit back and enjoy life now, but he chose otherwise.

#5 Victor Martinez

It's great to see the Dominican Dominator getting back on his feet after his injury, death of his mother, etc. And I'm not sure if it's just theatricals or reality but his training videos have been showing him really struggling through his programme. Anyway, since he did not compete for the entire year, it's hard to gauge his progress. But taking the whole year off is most of the time a good thing cause the athlete would have a longer off-season. Thus, I think Victor will improve on his previous 7th place Olympia finish.

#4 Dennis Wolf

Dennis is now on the right track after a setback few years back due to mismatches with training gurus. And he even got 2nd at the Arnold Classic recently in stellar form, beating Victor Martinez and Dexter Jackson. So I think he could do it again. But maybe the big three guys might be too much for him to beat. But he's still young in this sport, so plenty is to hope for in Dennis for future Mr Olympias.

#3 Phil Heath

K,so now this is the hard part. The top three guys each have a legit chance of winning. I actually think that Jay will win cause he has the size and pre-contest photos show that he's in very good shape. So between Phil and Kai, I choose Kai to be ahead. Yea, I'm biased, but I'm rooting for Kai. But the final decision will be close, cause pre-contest photos have shown that Phil is now bigger and Kai is just as big and shredded with a smaller waist. Gah! It's so hard to choose. Anyway, hope all three Jay, Phil and Kai show up in top shape for the best Olympia yet!

#2 Kai Greene

#1 Jay Cutler

Mr Olympia 2011 Pictures

So before the Mr Olympia 2011 begins, her are some pre-contest photos of the competitors. Each of these photos are taken less than 2 weeks out from the Olympia. Enjoy!

Woots! Can't wait for the Olympia! I'm so excited!!

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