September 11, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs the World Challenge - Part One

Hey guys! In conjunction with the launch of their latest and most advanced phone to date, the Galaxy S2, Samsung is having the most daring product review challenge ever.

What is the challenge about? I shall let Allan Wu tease you a lil about it.

Well, if it's not clear enough for ya, lemme explain.

4 contestants aka "Test Force" will compete in

5 challenges and the one with the most aggregate points at the end of it will win

S$10 000.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, meet the Galaxy S2 vs the World Test Force! And yes, my hair got messed up on the way to the studio. -_-" And I was kinda-in-a-way forced to flex my biceps. Hahaha.

So, as four of us will need to use the phone during our challenges, each of us are given a Samsung Galaxy S2!! YAYYY!!!

Want a phone review from me? Well, since I'm no gadget geek, I'll just compare it to the phone I previously used - the iPhone 4.

Compared to iPhone 4, the S2 has...

a wayyy bigger screen, much better cameras (both front and back), a more customizable operating system (being an Android), much thinner and slicker body, and lastly, a much faster processor. In fact, the S2 has a dual core processor in it. I'm like, OMG, dual core in a PHONE?? Ten years ago, it's amazing that we could have it on desktop computers. Improvement points could be its battery life, which is pretty short. For a better review compared to my retarded one, Google "Samsung Galaxy S2"!

Alright, back to the challenge now. Honestly, I'm kinda late in posting this up and challenge 2 is already completed. Thus, I'll be covering both challenges in this post.

Challenge #1: Uncharted

Lol at Christine's comment about men and women. Oh well, but gotta admit it, the ladies did better than the men during this round. And OMG!! I can't believe I lost to Casey by just 7 seconds! :( Anyway, it's just the first challenge. I MUST stay positive and chase up in the other 4 challenges!

Here are some photos from the Segway challenge day.

Shaun looking pretty epic.

Traffic around Vivocity was a killer. Took us 20 minutes to get from Vivo to Sentosa, which are like, practically beside each other.

So what do we do? PicturessS!! Fyi, most of the photos here are taken with the Galaxy S2's super clear 8-megapixel camera.

The segway was sooooooo slow!!! Irritatingly slow! The segway can actually reach amazingly fast and fun speeds (up to 40km/h, if I recall correctly) but for this challenge, they had to cap it at 10km/h for safety's sake. And thank God they did. Casey actually underestimated the space between two poles, tried to go between them, failed and fell. Lol. Casey's uninjured and still cheery, just fyi.

Loria making Rackwell as pretty as possible before the challenge.


All suited up and ready for action!

Casey and her torn shoe. Keep note of this. Something funny is gonna happen during challenge 3! :D

And here are the three photos I've taken during the challenge. Notice how clear the front camera of the Galaxy S2 is. Crazy clear for a front cam!

Since each member of the Test Force took about 30 minutes for their turn, we spent more than 2 hours under the hot sun!

And expectedly, AHHH!! I got sunburnt! :(


And so, the score tally after Challenge #1 is

Christine - 10 points
Casey - 8 points
Wee Kiat - 6 points
Rackwell - 4 points

Good job Christine! But oh uh for me. :(

Challenge #2: GS Race

Before you watch the video, it would be less confusing if you remember who controlled which car.

Rackwell - White
Casey - Red
Me - Black
Christine - Silver

Woots! The boys chased up after this event and I'm back in the running to win $10 000! And LOL again at Christine's comment at men's driving skills at the end of the video. Hahaha.

Anyway, here are pics from the event!

Up close, the cars actually look real...

... until you compare them with their surroundings.

The crew setting up the cars, phones and Galaxy Tabs.

From left to right: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and me. Hehe. Joking! Joking! *burp* Oops! :D


Christine "The Woman in Charge" Ng!

OMG. Even mafia bosses would be afraid of her. Lol.

Err.. Casey... Nevermind.

The warriors before the battle.

Me bringing home the victory!

Casey still getting used to the controls. Lol.

The emcee of the day, Alson and I.

Thank you to team Taroda for helping out and being patient with us noobs during the race and practice sessions. Lol.

And after challenge #2, the score tally is

Wee Kiat - 16 points
Christine - 16 points
Casey - 12 points
Rackwell - 12 points

So that's it for challenge one and two. Stay tuned for the three other challenges!

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