November 22, 2011

Where Has Fabodylous Disappeared To?

Hi lovable readers! Alright, so I know, it's been forever since I made a good post to really motivate you guys to bust your ass in the gym, but I've been busy, for real. I've been working hard on my other site, Passiontab because I see the potential in it being a good place for people to gather and discuss about their interests. Be sure to check it out! :)

Anyway, back to Fabodylous. I was actually thinking of shutting it down actually. Plus, I got an email from a company offering me quite a handsome amount of cash for the domain. But nah, I have future plans for Fabodylous. To bring it to the next level. *mischievous laugh* hehehe. And thanks a million to my awesome fans for keeping me going all the time. Although it may just a few words, I really reeaalllyy appreciate it when a reader tells me that I've done a good job blogging. It never ever gets old. :)

And look! I got some Youtube Awards for my Youtube Channel, Fabodylous! :D

And if you guys are wondering how I look like now, I got two words for you. Fat *boink boink* and big. :) I currently weigh 81kg and I can't wait to start cutting, which I will, with full force and focus, in December. I am satisfied with the amount of muscle I have (which is not a lot, but is enough for the look I'm aiming for) and can't wait to say hello to an old friend of mine, whom I'm not seen in a long time - my abs. :D But now, I'm just waiting for my exams to end. So stay tuned for my fat pictures cause you'll see a rapid transformation!

As for the matter of competing, my next competition will be Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012. This time however, I'm no more in the junior category so I have to work extra hard to keep up with the seniors. Wish me luck! Also, I'm looking forward to compete against a good friend of mine and this year's Mr KL junior under-70kg runner-up (it was a close call), Ahmad Faiz.

Here's Faiz just being ripped. Lol.

Another contest I'm attending but not competing would be the SFBF Mr Singapore, happening this 3rd December. I can't wait for it cause a few bodybuilders will be awarded IFBB Pro cards there! So far, Singapore does not have an IFBB Pro so this will be cool. Click here for more information of the event.

Also, I learnt a couple of stuff lately. Here's a list of those I can recall immediately.

#1 Gym Environment Matters
Since August, I started training at another gym. This time, it's a public gym, as opposed to a university gym. And the crowd this time is really different. The guys at my previous gym were mostly beginners and gosh, I couldn't bare to recall the number of times I saw them performing dumbbell side laterals with locked elbows. Poor joints. But now, the guys at my current gym really know what they're doing and some are pretty huge. It's great to even find some friends and even readers there! :D I feel challenged when I see other guys actually benching as much or more than me, so I'm immediately in beast mode every time I train. Plus, I get lots of advice from other experienced trainers too.

#2 Sleep Matters
This is the part of the bodybuilding equation where I usually fail - sleep. As many of you know, we don't build muscle in the gym. In the gym, we break down muscle and stimulate them so that they make recuperate and overcompensate us with extra muscle mass. Earlier in the semester, I used to sleep just as the was about to rise (yup, it was THAT bad) but now I'm taking some natural sleep aid and getting some good night time sleep. And wow, the difference in energy levels is so profound! And yes, it makes a difference to sleep early at night, as your body is primed to release growth-inducing hormones during that time.

#3 Go Heavy on Isolation Moves too

But not too heavy until your form suffers. I noticed this when I saw Johnnie Jackson and Kris Gethin's ('s chief editor) training video of him performing lateral raises with really heavy weights and thought, "Hey, I usually go light on that exercise". Then the next day, I did raises with 16kg dumbbells instead of just 10kg. The soreness.... ouch.

That's it for now. A final note - I noticed that my readership barely dropped although I have been away for so long. Thanks for sticking around guys! :D

Click here to chat with me at Passiontab's bodybuilding section!

Train hard!


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