December 8, 2011

SFBF 1st Annual Singapore National Championships 2011

It was a day of excitement and curiosity. Newly-founded IFBB-affiliated Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF) finally held their first of many contests to come. And they started it off with a bang. With total cash prize of S$25, 000 and pro cards being given out to overall winners of each category, the SFBF Nationals has become the local contest with the highest payout in recent years (could be of all time too, but I can't confirm that).

I was a volunteer at the Nationals, so I got the chance to take some backstage pics for you guys.

A special thanks to all sponsors of the event, which include Dynaforce, Nutrifirst, Optimum Nutrition, Tano Capital, PAA, Crossfit Fire City, Cherry Bombs Attitude Gear, Physique Athletes Association (PAA), By Brazil Sports and Stephen James Luxury Organics.

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The line-up for the men's categories were great but the ones who really shined during the contest were the ladies. Never before has Singapore seen such a fantastic display of lean, well-sculpted, sexy and feminine physiques. Sorry for the poor quality of some photos here. I wasn't able to get a good seat. As for the fantastic black and white shots, credits and appreciation goes to Shirly Hamra.

After a break, we were rewarded with a special guest posing routine by former Ms Olympia, Juliette Bergman! She may be retired from competing, but she's still rock solid!

Figure competitor, Melissa Wee, had HUGE support from the crowd. Looks like someone has quite a fan base. :)

Alex Javier won the Men's Bodybuilding Under-75kg category.

Dex Ng won the Men's Bodybuilding Above-75kg category.

Makoto Goto being a gracious winner and shaking hands with his competitors after winning the Men's Classic Open Bodybuilding category.

Rowena Marcaida won the Women's Bodybuilding Open category.

Nur Farina MJ Ismail bested the longest line up of the day to win the Women's Figure Open category.

Yulia Shumakova-Catron proved that she has the most beach-worthy body by winning the Women's Bikini Fitness category.

Before the event concludes, both winners of the men's bodybuilding categories pose to winner the overall title.

And the overall winner is.... Alex Javier!!

And just before we leave, gotta have a photo with a good friend, Melissa Weeeee (Kiat).


And there goes Mel with her awesome fans!

Here are the full results of the event:

Men's Bodybuilding Overall Winner
Alex Javier

Men's Bodybuilding up to 75kg
1. Alex Javier (Tag no.11)
2. Makoto Goto (17)
3. Rick Goh Jiak Yee (21)
4. Tan Choon Keat (19)
5. Adrian Lee Choon Wen (22)

Men's Bodybuilding above 75kg
1. Dex Ng (13)
2. Sasi Raush (16)
3. Joe Quay Eng Heng (12)
4. Hafiz bin Halim Koh Pou Khing (15)
5. Mohd Nasser Mohd Shariff (23)

Women's Bodybuilding Open
1. Rowena Marcaida (24)
2. Sri Dadiah (Any) Al Nur (30)

Men's Classic Open Bodybuilding
1. Makoto Goto (17)
2. Rick Goh Jiak Yee (21)
3. Tan Choon Keat (19)
4. Christopher Chen Yuan Long (20)
5. Adrian Lee Choon Wen (22)

Women's Bodyfitness (Figure) Open
1. Nur Farina MJ Ismail (31)
2. Suzan Yuiiawati (29)
3. Sukma Tri Handayani (26)
4. Rosalind (Roz) Alexander (34)
5. Mayling Ng (25)
6. Melissa Wee (27)
7. Madeline Png (35)
8. Nicole Ashwin (28)
9. Sri Dadiah (Any) Al Nur (30)

Women's Bikini Fitness Open
1. Yulia Shumakova-Catron (36)
2. Mayling Ng (25)
3. Leslie Lancaster (33)
4. Madeline Png (35)
5. Eva Komarudin (32)
6. Natalie Liew Meei (37)

Congratulations to all winners!! To the contestants who see none or only a few photos of yourself here, I'm so sorry. I chose the photos randomly, so coverage of each contestants may not be even. And kudos to SFBF and the Robackers too, for organizing this exciting event successfully. Do stay tuned to Fabodylous for more events from SFBF!

Before I end my coverage of the event, just so you know, Terry Robacker, president of SFBF announced some great news during the event. In 2013, bodybuilding great, Hollywood action hero and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger might be coming to Singapore, which would be the venue for the inaugural Arnold Classic Asia! Click here for more information about the future event!

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