December 14, 2011

Getting Ripped for 2012!

So, in a post several weeks back, I mentioned that I will be dieting down to a lean and ripped body. Well, so I have. Here's the diet plan which I have been following since 7th December up to now, with a few modifications.

As we're dieting (as well as doing other things in life), we should evaluate our progress and check if what we're doing could be improved. So far, I've made two changes to my diet. I've moved up the oatmeal in meal two to meal one. That's because I feel lethargic in the morning if I don't get any carbs immediately, my mind will be foggy. Secondly, I'm moving meal five to around 8.30pm (or as soon as I get home from gym). That's because insulin and growth hormone levels in the body are inversely correlated. So, keep your insulin low before you sleep would mean high GH release at night. Lastly, I admit, I'm not the all-knowing expert on diet. So if you have an advice for me, feel free to leave it in the comments. Constructive advice is always welcomed. :)

Before I started my dieting, I have set a goal for myself. How would I want to look by the end of 3 months? So, I browsed through the profiles on and take a look at the physiques which I want to emulate. Right now, I'm aiming for more of the mainstream, male model look, like these guys.

Thus, I compared their workouts to my usual bulking workouts, here are some changes I've made.

#1 Fewer sets per body part.
#2 25 minutes cardio after certain weight training sessions.
#3 Increased frequency in ab training.

Here's how my workout programme looks like -

Day 1
Chest - 11 sets
Triceps - 9 sets
Abs - 6 sets

Day 2
Back - 12 sets
Biceps - 9 sets
Cardio - 25 min

Day 3
Shoulders - 11 sets
Abs - 6 sets
Cardio - 25 min

Day 4
Legs - 15 sets
Abs - 6 sets

Day 5

General Guidelines
Legs - 15 to 20 reps
Other Bodyparts - 10-15 reps
Last set of every exercise is a drop set.
Concentrate on slow negatives.

Comparison With Previous Cutting Plan
The previous time I dieted hard was for Mr Kuala Lumpur 2010. That time I went from 75kg to 67kg and placed second in the junior category, despite having diarrhea on the morning of the contest itself. However, I lost quite a lot of muscle then. Remember, when losing weight, you're trying to lose as much fat as possible while maintaining as much muscle mass. However, during that time, I was doing 45 minutes of cardio after my workouts and I was taking 300g of protein, 80g carbs and 30g fat, which is wayy too little carbs. And since now I'm dieting down from 80kg, with more muscle mass, I should be taking more calories to maintain it. Mood wise, I was in constant brain fog (when you feel dizzy and tired but you can't sleep because you took too little carbs) but on this diet, I only feel it once every few days.

Cheat Meals
Here's the thing about cheat meals - I don't count them as cheat meals. This is because if I do eat out or have food which isn't in my diet plan, I would make sure I cut the calories in other meals so that my macronutrients ratio and calorie intake stays about the same. Plus, it's the festive season and it's hard to resist all the good food with all my loved ones. :)

So there you go! My updated weight loss plan! Hopefully, I'll be ripped by the end of February. I'll be having a few photoshoots when I am. So stay tuned for that. ;)

In the meantime, Happy New Year everyone!! Hope every one of you had a great year and a better one ahead. Fyi, I started Fabodylous on 1st January 2010. So, this is also Fabodylous' 2nd anniversary!!

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