January 16, 2012

Last Minute Diet Doubts

What inspired me to write this post was a friend. And if you've contemplated about starting a weight loss diet, you could easily relate to her case. Here's what happened. In the beginning of this year, she is sooooo pumped up and motivated to get into top shape and look super lean. So, she told me about it, we chat, and I helped her to formulate a diet plan. She told me that she'll start on this diet in a week. Then, it struck...

She started having doubts. Mostly are, based on my experience, as real as Santa Claus or are partially real but blown out of proportion about people who had such doubts before.

"What if I stop taking supplements? I'll bloat and get fat! Many people told me that!"
"What?? I must eat like that for the rest of my life or I'll lose shape?"
"I can't eat anything else?? I'll die!"
"I have no time to prepare so many meals!"
"Dieting is so expensive!"

Most of you know that supplements (I recommended her only multivitamins, whey and fish oil to begin with) are not miracle pills which when you stop taking, their magic effects wear off. And if you're eating clean for the rest of the days, you could easily have two meals of whatever you want each week. And as for meal preparation, believe me, I find it the COMPLETE opposite. I actually find dieting very convenient because whenever it's meal time, I know what I have to eat, I don't have to choose where to eat and because I have three chicken breast meal per day, I can just cook them all at once. It's just so fucking convenient! Seriously, it's true. And here's another BIG shock about dieting being expensive - Just out of curiosity, I have calculated the cost of my food for an entire day. It amounted to S$5.75. Serious shit. You can do the math with your local prices - 450g chicken breast, 5 eggs, 100g broccoli, 100g oatmeal, 2 bananas, 1 can of tuna and 15ml of olive oil.

Now, back on the topic of diet doubts. I could see why people have such doubts. It's because FEAR is a very strong emotion. When you fear that something would happen, even if you have never seen it happening before, you would avoid it. That's the cause of so many shit stuff in this world. For example, racism. If you have a perception that people of a certain race are violent and contribute to most of the crime in your country, you might just avoid this kid in school who just introduced himself to you. He might be a filial, church-going top student in the class, yet you would still think he's a potential gangbanger.

And that's not it. The worst thing about fear is that it spreads. Look, the people around you who told you "Dieting is a torture, supplements are dangerous, exercise are harmful", are they in the shape you want to be in? They are probably in the same situation as you. Making the decision to actually embark on a diet is the HARDEST part of the diet (but after that, everything becomes a habit). They are scared to make this decision. Therefore, they propagate these myths to make themselves feel better. Do they care if it's scientifically true? Doubt so. Did they actually tried it? Nope, cause if they did, they would know how false these myths are. In fact, that is an idea! Why don't find someone who has actually gone on a strict diet and by his account, said the same things - that dieting has more cons than benefits. And he didn't feel good or proud that he has achieved something with this diet.

Now let's look on the other side. Do you want to be amongst people who look like this? Well, it's time to face the music. You NEED to put in the effort. Believe me, when the results arrive, you will have no regrets. You will be proud of the decision you've made. Your quality of life will increase. The compliments will flow in. You will get more attention. You will have more energy. People will look up to you and have more respect towards you.

So, in conclusion, especially to those who have made a resolution to lose weight this year - if you're thinking of giving up on your goal and not get that body you want, go fuck yourself in the ass! I hope you'd be happy looking at the mirror everyday thinking about what you could have looked like if you would have started on a diet. And if you're reading this and still doubting me while thinking, "It's just Wee Kiat. It's just HIS opinion", go ahead and visit Bodybuilding.com and read the tonnes of testimonials of people who have ACTUALLY dieted, been there and know what it's like instead of just listening to any Tom, Dick and Harry who, 99% of them, has never even counted a single calorie in their life!


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