February 12, 2012

Looking For 3-Way Link Exchange!

Hi my fellow bloggers. I'm now looking for people who are interested in a three way link exchange.

Basically, I'm going to link my site, Site A to your site, Site B. And in return, you link to another website of mine, Site C. Thus, each link is one-way and will produce better SEO results. I will place your link as the first item in my sidebar (above Search).

A bit on my site:

It has 700 - 1000 unique hits daily.

link exchange

(Don't worry, the drop in the end was because I accidentally remove the analytics tracker when I was playing with the codes)

And its Page Rank is 4

And 2011 of its pages are indexed on Google (that's 2011 links to your site!)

blog stats

Those interested please email me with your regular email and your blog address!



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