February 2, 2010

Secrets to S.E.X.Y: Part 2

So, with the Muscle War hype dying down, here we go with another set of tips to keep your bods super hot!

#1 Log-in Your Training

There's no better way to keep track of your progress and to ensure that you ARE making progress other than by keeping a training log with you. Plus, NOT having a training log means allowing yourself to slack. We're all human. We'll slack, no doubt. But when you look at your training log and you know what you've done before, you'll automatically try to do better. Just get any spiral bound book and write down the date, your current weight, fat percentage (if possible) and body measurements (waist, chest, arms and thighs).

Then, write down your programme just like this and bring it to the gym with a pen everytime you train-

As you can see, you'll just need to write down the exercises you plan to do on the left, followed by one column to indicate how many sets are you doing. For me, WU means warm up and the down arrow means a drop set. Sure, go ahead and create your own abbreviations too. Then, for every workout, use two columns to write down the date on top, followed by reps done each set and the weight that is used. After some time, you'll be able to see your strength increase from workout to workout!

#2 Carbs Today, Energy Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

Bodybuilding superstars Jay Cutler and Phil Heath always make sure that on the day before a big workout (which is probably everyday for them), they must consume loads of carbohydrates. Why? Because the energy you expend during your workouts is usually derived from the food that you ate the day before. Therefore, if you're trying to gain muscle mass or strength, don't skimp on carbs, even on rest days. Make sure you take loads of complex carbs coming from whole-grain bread, pasta, brown rice, sweet potato... or gah, just click here for the full list.

Phil Heath, rising IFBB superstar!

And his huge buddy,

Jay Cutler, 3-time Mr Olympia!

#3 Compound Interest

Compound exercises are exercises which involve more than just one muscle group. Compound movements stimulates more muscle fibres compared to isolation exercises and therefore creates more growth. And big exercises such as deadlifts and squats, when done with maximum intensity are known to increase testosterone levels! Ladies, don't shy away from compound exercises either. Because compound movements involves more muscle groups, they burn more calories too! And squats is the best exercise to shape up those thighs and butt! The best compound exercises are deadlift, squat, bench press, barbell rows, military press and upright rows.

Even fitness model Marzia Prince incorporates compound exercises in her workout regimen. Now ladies, after looking at this, why wouldn't you want to do the same?

#4 Tip the Scale

Sometimes, people make a huge fuss of how accurate their scales are and whether or not it tells them the right weight. Don't be. It's always the change in weight that matters. So if you measure your weight with a cheap home scale instead of an expensive state-of-the-art version, go ahead. Just remember to use the same scale from time to time. Although the weight it shows might not be accurate, the change in weight is.

Isn't my scale cute?

#5 Focus Attack

When you're in the gym, nothing else matters more than training as hard as you humanly can in order to stimulate your muscles to grow. That applies to you too, ladies. Read the first S.E.X.Y tips here to find out more. Every single rep must be done perfectly -- controlled, with no jerking, using the right muscles and taken to failure in order to optimally stimulate your muscles. One rep may not make much difference. But when it's ten reps in a set and a few hundred reps per workout session, that will make huge differences.

Guys, stop looking at the girl in your gym performing straight leg deadlifts and focus on your form!!!

So that's it from me for now. Keep on reading Fabodylous for more tips in the future! And remember to follow us too! Why? Click here.


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